Policies & Code


Policies & Code

Whistleblowing Policy


The objectives of this policy are:
a) to provide an avenue and guidance for Whistleblowers to report any Misconduct and set out a procedure for such reporting;
b) to enable Management to be informed at an early stage about any act of Misconduct;
c) to assure Whistleblowers that they will be protected from reprisal or retaliation for reporting any Misconduct in good faith; and
d) to develop a culture of openness, accountability and integrity.

1. This policy governs the reporting of any Misconduct and investigation into such reports, as well as the protection offered to the Whistleblowers.

2. This policy DOES NOT apply to or change EcoWorld International’s policies and procedures for individual employee grievances or complaints relating to job performance, terms and conditions of employment, which will continue to be administered and reviewed by EcoWorld International’s Group Talent Management Division.

1. Whistleblower:
A person or entity making a protected report about Misconduct is commonly referred to as a whistleblower. Whistleblowers may be EcoWorld International’s employees, vendors, contractors, consultants, customers or general public. The whistleblower’s role is as a reporting party. They are not investigators or finders of fact, nor do they determine the appropriate action that should be taken against the wrongdoer.

2. Misconduct:
Examples of misconduct include, but not limited to, fraud, including financial fraud and accounting fraud, bribery or corrupt practice, theft or embezzlement, misuse of position or abuse of power, violation of laws and regulations, violation of EcoWorld International’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and other policies, unethical behaviour or practices, or any intentional act deliberately designed to cause loss to the EcoWorld International Group.

1. Employees
Employees are required to acknowledge the Whistleblowing Policy. This is to ensure that they have read and understood the Whistleblowing Policy and are aware of EcoWorld International’s commitment to a work environment free of retaliation for reporting a Misconduct.

2. Whistleblowers
Whistleblowers must act in good faith and must not make false accusations when reporting a Misconduct.

3. Suspects / Alleged Wrongdoers
Suspects or alleged wrongdoers have a duty to fully cooperate with investigators.

4. Investigators
Investigators shall handle all matters of investigations seriously, confidentially and promptly. They shall be independent, unbiased both in fact and appearance, and keep confidentiality of the identity of the Whistleblower, unless the disclosure is required by law pursuant to an investigation.

5. Investigation Participants
Employees who are interviewed or asked to provide information have a duty to fully cooperate with the investigators. Participants should refrain from discussing or disclosing matters concerning the investigations.

1. EcoWorld International is committed to integrity and ethical behaviour by helping to foster and maintain an environment where employees can act appropriately, without fear of reprisal or retaliation. To maintain these standards, EcoWorld International encourages its employees who have concerns about suspected Misconduct to come forward and express these concerns without fear of punishment or unfair treatment.

2. EcoWorld International conducts its business based on the principles of fairness, honesty, openness, decency, integrity and respect. It is EcoWorld International’s policy to support and encourage its employees to report and disclose any Misconduct, and to fully investigate such reports and disclosures. EcoWorld International assures that all reports will be promptly investigated and treated strictly confidentially save for disclosure on a “need to know” basis to facilitate investigations and/or to mete out the appropriate actions following such investigations.

3. EcoWorld International recognises that anonymity to Whistleblowers who willingly come forward to report a suspicion of Misconduct is key to encouraging such reporting and therefore seeks to protect those who come forward to report, participate or assist in the investigation of a reasonably suspected Misconduct. EcoWorld International takes any complaints of alleged acts or attempted acts of interference, reprisal, retaliation, threats, coercion or intimidation seriously. Incidents of retaliation against any employee reporting a Misconduct or participating in the investigation of a reasonably suspected Misconduct will result in appropriate disciplinary action against anyone responsible, including possible termination of employment. Those working for or on behalf of EcoWorld International who engage in retaliation against reporting employees may also be subject to civil, criminal and administrative penalties.

4. EcoWorld International’s internal control and operating procedures are intended to detect and to prevent or deter improper activities. However, even the best systems of controls cannot provide absolute safeguards against irregularities. EcoWorld International has the responsibility to investigate and report to appropriate parties, allegations of suspected Misconduct and to take appropriate actions. Employees and others are encouraged to use guidance provided under this policy for reporting all allegations of suspected Misconduct or improper activities.

EcoWorld International expects all employees to act in good faith and not make false accusations when reporting a Misconduct. An employee who purposely, knowingly or recklessly makes statements or disclosures that are not in good faith may be subject to disciplinary procedures, which may include termination of employment.

5. Procedures
5.1 Reporting a Misconduct
5.1.1 Any person may report a Misconduct and the report must be made in writing using the Whistleblower Reporting Form, GTM-PR-PL24-01.

5.1.2 All reports should be sent via email: whistleblow@ecoworldinternational.com.

5.1.3 All reports will be channelled to the Whistleblowing Committee (WBC) comprising the following persons:
a) Dato’ Kong Sooi Lin, Independent Non-Executive Director;
b) Tan Sri Datuk Dr Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director; and
c) Dato’ Siow Kim Lun, Independent Non-Executive Director.

5.1.4 Although the Whistleblower is not expected to prove the truth of an allegation of Misconduct, he / she must provide sufficient evidence (such as documents, images, footages, audio, email, text messages etc.) in his / her report to facilitate further investigation, failing which credible reasoning/argument must be presented to show that Misconduct has taken place.

5.2 Investigating Alleged Misconduct
5.2.1 The WBC will notify the Whistleblower and acknowledge receipt of the reported Misconduct.

5.2.2 The WBC will review each report and based on the information received and evidence available to it, conduct preliminary investigation to establish whether the allegation has merit and can be substantiated.

5.2.3 Where necessary, the WBC shall meet to discuss action/investigation on the reports received from the Whistleblowers. The WBC may also exclude from its meetings any persons it deems appropriate, depending on the nature of the complaint.

5.2.4 The WBC will investigate each merited claim independently using appropriate channels, resources and expertise and based on the findings, determine the appropriate action to be taken.

5.2.5 Some concerns may be resolved by the agreed action without the need for an investigation. Concerns about allegations which fall within the scope of specific procedures of EcoWorld International will be referred to the relevant board, committee, or department for consideration under those procedures.

5.2.6 The WBC shall review actions taken on a periodic basis.

5.2.7 The Management reserves the right to make any decision based on the findings by the WBC.

6. Modification of Policy
The WBC and the Board of Directors of EcoWorld International reserve the right to modify this policy unilaterally at any time without notice. Modification may become necessary, amongst other reasons, to maintain compliance with the prevailing federal or state regulation and/or accommodate organisational changes within EcoWorld International.