Policies & Code


Policies & Code

Whistleblowing Policy

EcoWorld International’s commitment to upholding a high standard of ethical behaviour and integrity is demonstrated in our Whistleblowing Policy. We provide a platform for our employees and members of the public who have concerns about suspected misconduct (including fraud, bribery or corrupt practice, theft, abuse of power and violation of laws and regulations or any intentional act deliberately designed to cause loss to the EcoWorld International group of companies), i.e. the whistleblowers to come forward and express these concerns without fear of punishment or unfair treatment. Through this policy, we intend to preserve our culture of openness, accountability and integrity.

All reports must be made in writing using the Whistleblower Reporting Form (below) so as to ensure a clear understanding of the concerns raised. All written reports should be sent via email:  whistleblow@ecoworldinternational.com and will be channelled directly to the Whistleblowing Committee comprising:

(a) Dato’ Kong Sooi Lin (Chairperson)

(b) Mr Cheah Tek Kuang

(c) Dato’ Siow Kim Lun.

We recognise that anonymity to whistleblowers who willingly come forward to report a suspicion of misconduct is key to encouraging such reporting. However, to prevent false and malicious reporting, poison letters and abuse of the reporting channel, all whistleblowers must provide sufficient evidence (such as documents, images, footages, audio, email, text messages etc.) in their report to facilitate further investigation, failing which credible reasoning / argument must be presented to show that misconduct has taken place.

EcoWorld International assures that all reports will be promptly investigated and treated strictly confidentially save for disclosure on a “need to know” basis to facilitate investigations and/or to mete out the appropriate actions following such investigations. Incidents of retaliation against any individual reporting a violation or assisting in investigations will result in appropriate disciplinary action. The Whistleblowing Committee will ensure that investigations are carried out using the appropriate channels, resources and expertise.