Policies & Code


Policies & Code

Sustainability Policy

EcoWorld International intends to showcase its commitment to sustainable development of the Group’s economy, environment and social (EES) risks and opportunities through this sustainability policy and collective efforts throughout the Group to enhance our sustainability performance. This policy provides an overarching representation of the areas we wish to address with regards to implementing effective sustainability strategies that would steer EcoWorld International towards healthy and sustainable business growth while also remaining conscious of the environment and the communities in which we operate in.

We outline several key measures to represent our overall aim to integrate sustainable measures into our daily business operations, including our property development services. Building from our corporate commitment to quality, environment, health and safety conditions related to the Group’s business, the sustainability policy further highlights short, medium and long-term commitments towards creating a sustainable value chain for our stakeholders and the future generations to benefit from.

By considering EES risks and opportunities that impact our business operations, the Group will continue to promote long-term and sustainable improvements and measures that would ensure we meet stakeholder expectations as well as create a sustainable economy and environment for future generations to enjoy.

The Group commits to undertake the following responsibilities with respect to sustainable development:

  • To make a clear statement of the Group’s commitment towards sustainable development;
  • To foster a culture of sustainability throughout the Group;
  • To incorporate principles of sustainability into business activities, development projects and community engagement; and
  • To incorporate sustainability performance alongside other key performance indicators of the Group.
  • To define clear measures and/or strategies to promote sustainable initiatives throughout the Group
  • To safeguard the environment, contribute to society, promote a safe and healthy working culture with respect to the Group’s business operations and our stakeholders
  • To review and revise the policy, as and when necessary, to reflect the Group’s commitment to continuous improvement