Policies & Code


Policies & Code

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We manage Quality, Environment, Health and Safety effectively by establishing, implementing and maintaining a best practice and process oriented integrated management system.

The quality of our development projects is an important factor contributing to our continued success. Hence, we place great emphasis on developing quality properties for our customers. In order to maintain our quality standards, we implement strict quality assurance procedures at various stages of our projects.

These procedures include:

  • The selection and appointment of experienced and reliable contractors and consultants through a robust selection process that will evaluate these potential contractors and consultants against our criteria such as track record, quality, pricing and timeliness;
  • Careful evaluation of architectural design concepts;
  • Close supervision of the construction progress and project timeline;
  • Frequent quality and safety checks carried out by our team of professional engineers and surveyors; and
  • Stringent requirements on craftsmanship and interior fittings.

Our operations are subject to regulatory requirements and potential liabilities arising under applicable environmental, health and safety-related laws and regulations in the United Kingdom and Australia in which we operate. It is our policy to comply in all material respects with all applicable environmental, health and safety-related laws and regulations in the United Kingdom and Australia. To date, no material environmental, health and safety-related incidents involving our Group has occurred.

Our commitment is to develop high quality residential-led, mixed-use developments in mature markets with growth potential and favourable macroeconomic conditions. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations. This is premised on the need to strike a balance between our business objectives, the environment and a healthy and safe work culture.

We constantly promote a safe and healthy work culture for a more conducive working environment and place great importance on environmental conservation.