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Partnership With Brentford FC Community Sports Trust

May 2019United Kingdom

EcoWorld London sponsors the activities of the Brentford FC Community Trust from June 2019 to May 2020. The purposes of this collaboration are to support new sports such as cycling, to promote active lifestyles and volunteering activities, to support people with special needs or with physical limitations and to support the boys and girls in Football Development Programmes. Under this Trust, EcoWorld London also supports the Boating Arch programme through which we support in building links for kayaking, paddleboarding and rowing activities at Brentford FC CST Boating Arch at Kew Bridge. This programme also carries out teambuilding activities focusing on environmental awareness and sustainability such as Plastic and Little River Walk and supports major local river-based events. The partnership also encourages volunteering in fundraising activities and engagement opportunities among our employees. In July 2019, the annual Chiswick Super Saturday of Sport was organised with the aim to encourage the younger generation to participate in sporting activities. Sports activities such as football, tennis, netball, skateboarding and martial arts were held for all ages to inspire communities to find their sporting passion.