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Bantu by Team EcoWorld

Jul 2021Malaysia

The Group’s latest effort is the Bantu by Team EcoWorld initiative. It is a staff-led #KitaJagaKita initiative that aims to raise funds through the generosity of Team EcoWorld. This is an opportunity for the team to show our solidarity with the less fortunate by offering help to the communities under our care.

Collection of funds from staff of EcoWorld International in Malaysia and Eco World Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld Malaysia) came in at RM55,000 while EcoWorld Malaysia pledged and additional RM25,000 to the Bantu by Team EcoWorld Fund, bringing the total contributions to a total of RM80,000 in just two weeks. We are truly amazed by the kindness shown by Team EcoWorld in wanting to help the poorest in our communities tide through this season of need.

The funds were distributed to families of students under the Eco World Foundation’s Students Aid Programme who have suffered losses of income as well as the Orang Asli community in Pahang, IQ70 Home Plus, Sai Pandian Home, Victory Home, The Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children’s Association of Johor, The Elijah Centre and 25 hardcore poor families living near EcoWorld developments in Penang.